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2003-2008: Development and progress


The reforms implemented by President Ilham Aliyev in all fields during the recent 5 years have strengthened international image of our country and close integration to the world economic system conditioned our successes. More intensive provision of democratic values in the society, macroeconomic results of the social-economic development strategy, strengthening of the civil society institutions are the logic result of the correctly defined political course. More enlargement of the national development strategy founded by nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev informs about the large perspectives.

Mr.Ilham Aliyev who won the big confidence of people during the elections of 15 October, 2003 confirmed that he kept all his promises given before the activity of presidency. The view "Real policy is to do true and concrete work" belonging to the country leader Ilham Aliyev was attractive by its great results in all spheres of country life. Essence of the management philosophy continued by President Ilham Aliyev is to serve the state and nation, solve the problems of Azerbaijan. Titanic works implemented during these years for the strengthening of position and role of our country in the world are being positively appreciated by each citizen of country. Economic success gained in the last for years were increased to a considerable extent. During this time interval economy of Azerbaijan was increased for two times, our republic kept again its leadership in the world due to the volume of commodity production. A lot of important measures were taken by the head of state and there were adopted a number of state programs covering these fields in order to accelerate the social-economic development of our country. Factors which will stimulate economic development in all regions in the forthcoming years and principal directions of the state policy in this regard were defined in the state programs adopted. Implementation of the State Program for Social-Economic Development of Regions of Azerbaijan Republic (2004-2008 years) confirmed by the decree of the head of state dated 11 February, 2004 causes to the potential development of regions, as well as enlargement of the infrastructures, establishment of new production and processing enterprises, social objects, more betterment of the living standards of population. Following the period after the adoption of state programs the head of state closely introduced with the situation in the places by paying visits to all regions. Citizens of country highly appreciate periodic visits paid by President Ilham Aliev to the regions and his instructions regarding the solution of problems in the time interval.

Role of public sector in the social economic development of the regions is significant. All of the opportunities are being used for the enlargement of entrepreneurship in the country. Elimination of negative factors making obstacle to the development of the entrepreneurships and supports made closely to the persons of such kind of category from the date of establishment of National Fond for Support of Entrepreneurship gave positive results. Development of non-oil sector in Azerbaijan led to the complex development of Republic by eliminating the oil dependency. As a result of complex measures our economy has developed at a speed which has no analogue. This development tendency will continue in the forthcoming years according to the calculations made by international financial entities. Ilham Aliyev, the head of state noted that economic development was at a rapid speed and would get the biggest results in the forthcoming years: "Recently economy increases very rapidly in Azerbaijan. During the three years increase of general domestic product was 96 per cent and these processes continue. Industry production increases together with increase of volume of economy, new working places are being opened, and the biggest infrastructure projects are being implemented. Volume of the state investments put by the state will consist at least 3 billion dollars in the budget of 2008 year. Already local investments are larger than foreign investments in Azerbaijan from the point of volume. It shows that there are good business conditions both for foreign investors and local companies in Azerbaijan. Our economy was fully liberalized. Azerbaijan is the leading country in the region due to volume of direct foreign investments per capita". Successful reforms made in all fields during the period following the presidential elections of 2003 provided rapid development of Azerbaijan and more increased its image in the world. According to the current forecasts, general domestic product will consist of at least 26 billion manat. It is forecasted that currency resources of Azerbaijan will exceed 7 billion manat. High price increase of oil in the world market also plays important role in the increase of state budget. Budget incomes have been increased more than four times during President Ilham Aliyev's power. Main feature of the state budget policy is that the government spares 65-70 percent of the resources to the execution of social programs, especially to the betterment of the social - economic provision of population. At that period there was put into use Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan oil pipeline opening way to the serious changes in the future public-political and economic life of the regional countries which are important not only from economic point of view, but also geopolitical point of view. In addition to it, laying of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan gas pipeline is important from the point of view of bringing Azeri gas directly to the world market. It plays outstanding role in the formulation of parts of income of the state budget. As well as, a lot of works have been done regarding the building of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line. Despite of the pressures by some states and international entities Azerbaijan decisively took on the responsibility regarding the financing of project and significant agreements were reached in this area. These projects plays important role from the point of view of power security for Europe and this considerably increases geopolitical importance of our country in the world. Regular measures taken regarding the pensions and social allowances are agreed by the country population. Following the fact that law "On Social Allowances" became effective, a new stage began in our country regarding the separation of pension system based on the social insurance relations from the social aid system financed by the state budget.

Last four years may be considered successful from the point of view of social development. Year-by-year increase of the base part of pensions and increment of social allowances and salaries was directed to the improvement of social position of population. Signing of more than 10 decrees and orders by the head of state gives visual evidence to all mentioned issues. Experience of the developed countries shows that one of the main conditions of the democratic development of society is the formulation of staff's potential meeting to the requirements of period and creation of the state management system over the quick and working mechanisms. Democracy is widely used just in the country where the rights and freedoms of any individual are highly appreciated. Power which is the representative of the public interests is always based on the laws of progressive character and its common purpose is to provide disinteresting service to the people. Realization of these purposes depends on the new elements of spirit, modernity and democracy in the state management, firstly, through the formulation of monolith, powerful and professional team. It is nice that Mr. Ilham Aliyev who was elected as the President of Azerbaijan by gaining the confidence of people, sets the personnel policy according to the requirements of the new period. Following the election as a head of state he held the first meeting with the government members. This principle, put forward by Mr. Ilham Aliyev regarding the service for the sake of people as the requirement and duty, is now effective. "Irrespective to the position, the main duty of each head is to serve to the nation, people. I will appreciate officials for the affairs executed by them and relationship with the people. If you are satisfied with him/her, I will praise him/her. If you are not satisfied, I will dismissed" said Mr. Ilham Aliyev and therewith he expressed tactful approach to the public opinion. The policy implemented in Azerbaijan which succeeded to maintain its leadership in the world arena for its economic development records served to the progress of human factor. At the initiative and supervision of Ilham Aliyev, the solution of unemployment problem, put into use new social infrastructure objects - education, culture, medicine, communications managements - providing road, water, gas, electricity infrastructure serve to the progress of cultural-intellectual level of Azerbaijan people. Simultaneously, 4th year activity of head of state is reached with caring to science and education, which is the strategic field in the country. In this period it was increased attention to the development of science and education, defined the actions which would be made, on the strengthening of financial-technical base of this field, financial provision, development of main fundamental and applied sciences. From year to year increasing of expenses, considered for education in the budget, making successive affairs in the direction of improvement of social position of teachers is the obvious appearance of this attention.

As a pragmatic leader Mr. Ilham Aliyev takes into account development interests of the new world regulation and first of all, considers directing the facilities gaining from the oil to the development of human factors, providing development by means of final achievements of scientific-technical progress. Rapid economic development, wide financial facilities necessitate increasing attention to these fields. Simultaneously, in order to maintain existing successes in this significant stage, providing high scientific-intellectual level in the management is very important. Increasing state budget facilities from year to year is actualized solution of some outstanding problems (which were arisen long ago) in this stage because-of financial shortcoming in the field of education. One of the important factors determined continuous economic development of each state is to accelerate the process of democratization and to form completion mechanisms for the sake of development of civil society institutions and protection of right and freedom of human and citizen being constituent part of this process. High speed development of Azerbaijan in the last years, co-operation with the European Counsel, OSCE, as well as other authoritative international organizations specialized in the field of human right and freedom, continuation of juridical-law reforms in new stage is very necessary. Elevated values as humanism, esteem personality, sensible relations to the citizen were stood in the essence of juridical-law reforms successfully implemented in our Republic in the last period. Some progressive amendments were made to the law; "About Courts and Judges" was passed new law "About Juridical-Law Counsel". If we continue juridical-law reforms, president of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev has signed decree "About Modernization of Court System in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Amendments and Appendix to the Some Legislation Acts". In accordance with the decree new appeal and economic courts formed in the last period, started to work, eliminated several nuances, which were dissatisfied the people. Affairs, which made, reforms, which were done, and national support of the state were met with jealousy by the opposition of Azerbaijan and they strive to calumniate to the government by all means. Useless opposition shows detestation to the national achievements with the help of their newspapers, therewith they absolutely unmask themselves. But our people clearly perceive the truthful essence of affairs of state of head, Mr. Ilham Aliyev and highly appreciate. This appraisal has evidently shown itself in the elections (presidential, parliamentary, municipality) of all levels implemented in the country and our people will say "not" to opposition in the next election. The last 5th year successes show one more time that citizens of the country support the policy of President Ilham Aliyev in all fields. This is confirmed by the results of foreign institutions, as well as referendum of the local sociology centers. Successful reforms and improvement of financial welfare of our citizens show that there is not alternative to the policy of Mr. Ilham Aliyev and people will unanimously support this policy in the next election.

Social-economic developments of the regions, successful execution of State Program were caused for improvement of living standard of the people.

As a result of properly continuation of policy of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, it is already 5 years that "State Program on Social-Economic Development of the Regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan" executes successfully. It was shown great interest and attention to the execution of program in the last period. In generally, adoption of this document was found out the beginning of new stage in the development of our country, development of regions was arisen to the priority level of state policy. We would like to remind that it was deep social-economic crisis position in our republic under the impressions of different internal and foreign factors in the first years of our independence. In other hand, more than 1 million our countrymen, who were driven out of their native country as a result of Armenian military aggression, have settled in the different regions of Azerbaijan, therewith, the social-economic position of the country became more complicated. National leader Heydar Aliyev had started large scale reforms, found of decline of the country, improved the living condition of the people approximately. Our National Leader always paid a special attention to the development of the regions, on his own initiative, there were made more significant works connected with land reform, releasing from taxes of agrarian field, cleaning outdated dues, implementing different law and programs. Of course, the duties change in essence with the speedy development of social-economic development of our country. One of these duties is consist of provision continuation of economic development of country, especially acceleration of development of the regions. Just because-of this reason, development of regions was determined as the main mark of the social-economic policy of the government 5 years ago.

The basic aim of program is connected with the social-economic development of the regions. In other words, main duty of the program was to rapidly develop the regions, implement positively the processes in the regions, improve living conditions of the people, and build service sector and infrastructure in accordance with European standards.

The attention to the agrarian sector has been much more increased in the State Program. It is related with the improvement of food provision for the country on one hand and the prevention of unemployment on the other hand. It should be mentioned that at the moment 40 percent of the able-bodied labourers work in the agricultural field. It is the highest indicator of the able-bodied labourers in the economic field division. Efficient credit system has been applied to the farmers. Tax system has been improved in order to stimulate agricultural production. Service system in the agricultural field has also been improved. State has granted all-round aid to the export of agrarian products. The network of the industrial enterprises has been increased in the rural areas.

Several measures have been taken in view of eliminating the difficulties in the agrarian sector of the regions. The period of the tax abatement for the agricultural producers has been prolonged till 2009. "Agro-leasing" stock company and its branches in the regions were created in view of supplying the farmers with new-type machinery and fertilizer. A great amount of money allocated for the buying of the machinery and fertilizer. The purpose of the social-economic course of the government is to make every Azerbaijani citizen feel the increasing incomes in their daily life. Within last 5 years a lot of important work and progress has been made in order to improve social conditions and welfare of the population.

The State always pays much attention to the refugees and internally displaced persons. The last tent camp in Sabirabad region was abolished in December of last year. Generally, 12 tent camps were abolished during last years, 54 new settlements and 15110 houses were built for the refugees and internally displaced persons. For this work The State Oil Fund spent more than 400 million manats. One of the factors positively influencing on the stable development of the economy are investments which have also been increased. The important point is that as a result of enlargement of financial possibilities of the state, internal investments have been increased more than external investments. All these factors show that the potential and investment ability of the national capitalists have been increased. Simultaneously, the increase of budget incomes strengthens investment possibilities of the state. As a result of this, favorable conditions are being created to restore the infrastructure which will intensify the development of the non-oil sector. Interdistrict and trunk-roads, agricultural products processing enterprises, construction materials plants, dozen of educational and health institutions were built or reconstructured in the regions. Currently, a number of gas pipelines, water lines and electrical stations were built in view of improving the communal services provision of the population. As we mentioned above, although some positive results related to the social economic development in the regions have been achieved, some problems still remain unsolved. For this reason, "Action Plan regarding acceleration of social-economic development of Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Siyazan, Davachi and other regions of Azerbaijan Republic", "Action Plan regarding acceleration of social-economic development of Gabala, Ismailli, Oguz, Shamakhi and other regions of Azerbaijan Republic", "Action Plan regarding acceleration of social-economic development of the city of Lankaran, also the regions of Astara, Lerik, Masalli, Yardimli and other regions of Azerbaijan Republic", "Action Plan regarding acceleration of social-economic development of the city of Ali-Bayramli, also Hajigabul, Kurdamir, Saatli, Sabirabad, Agstafa, Gadabek, Gazakh, Shamkir, Tovuz and other regions of Azerbaijan Republic", "Action Plan regarding acceleration of social-economic development of the city of Shaki, Balakan, Gakh, Zagatala and other regions of Azerbaijan Republic" were approved.

The action directions were defined to eliminate important problems of the above-mentioned regions and to solve them until the end of the year. The dynamics of the measures mentioned in the State program regarding the main directions of social-economic development of the regions, the volume and expediency of work done till nowadays according to the measures show that economic development of Azerbaijan has been stimulated, social conditions and welfare of citizens continue to improve due to care and attention to the regions. The measures providing the development of education, health, culture and sport were taken; new schools, additional classrooms, hospital, polyclinics, out-patient's clinics were built; existing buildings were thoroughly repaired; modern sports complexes were built. In view of strengthening the social support to low-income families, the minimum monthly salary, unemployment benefits, the minimum pension paid to applicants and unemployees, pension paid to non-workers and the minimum range of benefits were increased according to appropriate decrees and orders of the president of Azerbaijan Republic. Considering the above-mentioned we can come to the conclusion that the five-year intensive activity, its concrete and efficient results lay on the basis of the nationwide belief that Mr. Ilham Aliyev will be reelected. The economic strategy serving the national interests of Azerbaijan, stable development and improving the living standards of the people have been being realized for five years as a result of Ilham Aliyev's expedient and pragmatic policy. During this period the economic basis of the State was strengthened, its developmental potency was formed. It created the opportunities for successfully realizing wide-ranging program and transnational projects in order to provide the harmonious social-economic development of the country. Under the leadership of the president of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev the natural and human resources of the country have been directed to the development of the economy, the principles of efficiency and justice have been supported in this development and reforms have been carried out. As a result of this, the economy of the state has risen to a new stage and unforeseen social-economic growth speed has been achieved. For this reason, the financial position of the state has been strengthened; consolidated and budget incomes and expenses increased in comparison with 2007 and 2008, the guarantee has been created for the state to totally perform its functions. Besides the conception of social-economic development for 2008-2011 years and its main priorities have been defined.

The part of the social expenses of the state budget directed to the investments is planned according to the long-term and middle-term State Program in the sphere of education and health. Large allocations from the State budget were directed to the realizing of the State Program. Furthermore, the development of science, culture, art and sport according to the Ilham Aliyev's orders and other resolutions are bright example to it. One of the main instruments of state control on economy is using the state budget for the investment purposes. These allocations are directed to building, repairing, restoring and reconstruction of social-cultural institutions which require a great amount of money in the industry, transport, power engineering, agriculture, infrastructure spheres, also buying main equipment and realization of other measures related with financial capital.

In view of maintaining the social-economic development of the country today and in the future in the highest level due to internal and external resources and taking into consideration its geopolitical significance, the cooperation with foreign countries, international financial institutions, organizations, regional unions has been extended and also integration process has been enlarged. Azerbaijan took important measures in order to be a full member of World Trade Organization. Our country signed "The Agreement of Partnership and Cooperation between European Union, its member states and the Republic of Azerbaijan". Azerbaijan also joined "European Neighborhood Policy". State Program on "The social-economic development of the regions" transformed Azerbaijan into one of the rapidly developing countries in the world. During his power the president of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev directed all his activity to the care of people and successfully implemented his social strategy. Ilham Aliyev's social-economic development strategy, reforms which he carried out with great enthusiasm is brilliant examples of his higher ruling ability and perfect work experience. He can correctly value the objective laws governing the development of society and also he has clear notion of different difficulties and faults of social life. Because of these characters he successfully defined priorities of the new era.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned achievements, we can consider that last years have been very important in our history in the sphere of national state and economy construction. One of the priorities of the Government is the long-term and middle-term perspectives and their adequacy for providing dynamic development and it is a major part of efficient policy of the Government.

All the above-mentioned achievements, including 2008 prove that President Ilham Aliyev's social-economic course has no alternatives. This policy is a real opportunity for improving living standarts of Azerbaijan people; forming civil, stable society which is based on national existence and secular values.

One of the purposes of the economic reforms carried out in the country is creating favorable conditions for proprietor activity of the people and eliminating bureaucratic obstacles. The establishment of special economic zones plays an important role as progressive economic means in the social-economic and dynamic development of the country. According to the successful oil strategy our country extends internal investments, highly appreciates the modernization of non-oil sector and the increase of infrastructure opportunities. Besides Azerbaijan takes important measures to derive benefits from new economic factors which were justified in the world experience. Rapid development observed in the economic and social life of the country has been continued also in 2008 and accompanied by new achievements. According to the macroeconomic indicators of the gained achievements Azerbaijan is among progressive countries of the world for its development speed.

Thus understanding real results of nationwide leader Haydar Aliyev's policy which brings prosperity to each member of this country and provides security and stability, millions of electors desire the continuation of this course. Our people are looking forward to October of 2008 - the date of election when the actual support will be realized. New energetic leader with his inexhaustible intellectual potential successfully continues nationwide leader Haydar Aliyev's political and development course. There is a strong belief in society that in October of 2008 Azerbaijani people will vote for Haydar Aliyev's policy and it's worthily continuation, light future, stability, peace and prosperity. For these reasons, Ilham Aliyev will be elected the president Azerbaijan Republic for the next period.

From President Ilham Aliyev's speech in the IV Congress of NAP:

"Our future plans are quite obvious. We shall continue regional development program in next 5 years. Major part of infrastructure projects should be completed. It should be established perfect social infrastructure in Azerbaijan. In a word, we shall do our best for all-round development of our country and we have necessary financial opportunities for it... Azerbaijan can be an example for other countries. Because we know what we want and we know what purposes we are going to achieve. Our policy is clear, our steps are in the right direction and our aim is to strengthen our country and its position in the world. Our policy is Haydar Aliyev's policy. Our support is Azerbaijani people and the nation is the source of power. We rely upon Azerbaijani people. Our ideology is Azerbaijanism, statehood and independence ideology. It unites the whole society and we are on the successful way.